Create String Blocks to Win More!

Are you up for a little sewing challenge??

Using the guidance below and the video, create a minimum of three String Blocks, and bring them to a Guild Meeting to be entered to win THIRTY String blocks!

Our Guild has been busy creating these blocks by following the video from Missouri Quilting, similar to the one shown below. This video goes into how to create a string block, and how they can be pieced together.


  • 10″ by 10″ Block Size
  • There must be a white stripe in the middle
  • Be creative – use similar or colored fabrics, patterns etc.
  • A minimum of three must be created and brought to a Guild Meeting to be entered to win
Guild Member Cherie Toman’s

String Blocks

These 8 string blocks, when put together create a wonderful pattern. This is why it is necessary to have the middle stripe, no matter how big or small, to have a white stripe. Blocks are fun and easy ways to create a beautiful and unique quilt!

The next Guild Meeting will be Thursday July 15th 2021, 7 PM at the Guilford Community Center, 32nd Church Street and then again on Thursday, August 19th, same place and time.

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