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Quilt Challenge 2023

What baked treat is your guilty pleasure? What are your “go-to” desserts at celebrations and events? How do you feel when you walk into a bakery and see the colorful display of artfully baked pastries, petit fours, tortes, cookies and cakes? 

Sweet baked goods began as an art form in the late middle ages as French bakers and pastry chefs began forming guilds to protect and develop their artBy the end of the French Revolution servants and artisans began starting up individual business allowing everyone to enjoy edible treasures once reserved for royalty. Today, bakers (and quilters!) can practice their craft at home thanks to advancements in technology, and availability of the tools and equipment needed to develop their skills. We share the same passion to create beautiful works of art to celebrate, communicate, and comfort. That is why the theme of this year’s challenge project is Patisserie!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to convey patisserie confections through the tools and materials we use to create beautiful quilts. Your project may be a quilt, or 3-dimensional textile sculpture. You may use any materials to create your project, including fabric, thread, laces, yarns, paints, beads, buttons, or any other embellishment you like. Your project should not exceed 42” x 36” (a typical 1- yard cut of quilting fabric). Our pieces will be on display at the Guilford Free Library in January, 2024.

Need inspiration?