Our Projects

Charity Improv Block

We’ll be using his “The Night Garden” (page 88) pattern as our inspiration. We are using the ocean/shoreline as our theme. Undoubtedly your first thought is green/blues.  But the ocean has so many different looks, even on the same day. We can also include sand and sky….I guess we can say the sky’s the limit!

Crumb Quilting

Our next group project will be creating 10″ in blocks from the following YouTube video to share when we finally get together again.

Artistic Growth

We also thought it would be timely to begin exploring work that taps into our thoughts and/or emotions. The idea is to create a piece that conveys a message that is relevant or meaningful to you. The message can include words and letters, codes or symbols, or can be completely pictorial. The project can be a block, wall-hanging, or a whole quilt.

This will be a process-oriented project;

May: We will begin with brainstorming ideas and plotting out our designs. (including project size and layout).

June: We will choose our materials and begin constructing our projects.

July: We will share our completed projects with the group.